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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

C328 during covid19 circuit breaker in Singapore

During this current pandemic ,Singapore is implementing a temporary closure of all pet shops in till further notice.
Currently all local fish and Pets shops can only do online sales of accessories and fish food. 
NO live animals are allowed for sale

C328 is working with SAS to deliver your orders. Pls see below for more info.

Pictures of.items uploaded online.

With the new Circuit Breaker Extension, Specialised Aquatics Solutions is pleased to announce that we will be collaborating with C328 (Clementi Florist & Aquarium), to serve to all your aquatics essentials.
Shop at to get your regular supplies from C328 or simply send an image of the product to 81819677, SAS will arrange all deliveries to your doorstep.

Please do do stay home. Shops will be closed. Prices of items may have slight increase from retail store due to handling fees.

阻断措施延长至六月这段期间,SAS 和C328 Clementi Florist & Aquarium鱼店合作,以网络的方式继续营业。各位只需要游览www.aquatics.sg就可以购买您需要的必需品。您也可以把您想找的物品照片发送到81819677,我们会帮您安排。所有的订单我们会运送到您家门口。请留在家。实体店铺将暂时关闭. 由于必须做一些人手安排和物品的调动,所以有一些货品价格上会有一些调整,谢谢大家的谅解.

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YouTube channel on SG local fish shops


Sunday, August 11, 2019

SG ASAP Aquarium Shrimps & Plants

Be informed abt aquarium topics
in SG 🇸🇬 & ASIA🇲🇾🇨🇳🇯🇵🇲🇨🇹🇭🇻🇳🇲🇲?

Enjoy Hobby 🐟🐠🐡🦐🦀🐢🌳🍀

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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Aquarium Equipments Sale

Aquarium Items     RRP

Air Pumps
Hi Blow Baby $80
Hi Blow 20 $1xx
Hi Blow 40 $1xx
Hi Blow 60 $2xx
Hi Blow 80 $3xx

Sera 550R $6x
(4 outlets)

Hailea AOC6604 = $15


Artica 1/10 HP $9xx
Artica 1/5 HP    $14xx
Artica 1/4 HP   $18xx
Artica 1/3 H     $23xx

Haliea HS-28         $3xx
Haliea HS-66         $4xx
Haliea HS-590      $5xx
Haliea HS-1008    $8xx

Bio Medias

Marine Pure 3.8litres     $6x
Marine Pure Block 8x8x4"   $5x

Matrix 4.0litres $6x

Maxspect Nano Tech
BioSphere 2kg $5x

White/ 1kg $2x
White/ 5kg $1xx

Plus Red/ 1kg $3x
Plus Red/ 5kg $1xx

Ultimate / 1kg $5x
Ultimate / 5kg $1xx

Ehiem 2215 /3ft $1xx
Ehiem 2217/4ft $2xx

Water Conditioner/ Dechlorinator

Seachem Safe (1 litre) $4x
Seachem Safe (4 litre) $1xx

Seachem Prime (1 litre) $3x
Seachem Prime (4 litre) $1xx

Fish Food
Sera O Nip $13.90   (100tablets)
Sera O Nip $29.80   (265 tablets)

Other Aquatic Accessories

Black air tube =$0.60/ meter
Other color air tubes = $0.40/ meter

Sponge Filter XJ2813 =$4

Pleco condo =$12

Air splitter metal valve
1 outlet = $1

5ft Led Submerible Light (super bright) $1xx  QianHu

5 ft Beamworks HiLumen $1xx
White /Blue

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Clementi LFS in 2019

Most of u hv probably heard of Clementi Florist and Aquarium (aka C328 ), a very popular local fish shop (lfs) in Singapore due to her wide variety of livestocks, accessories and good pricing.

Aftr C328's establishment for more than two decades , many other lfs started to sprout near her gradually. 1 reason could be due to the 'crowd effect' C328 has created over the last 20 over years.

With the new lfs set up 2 days ago on 11 Jan 2019 Fri,  the whole street of Clementi blk 328 has a total of 6 lfs now.
Polyart x 1
Aro Avenue x 2
LFS Aquarium x 1
Aunty shop x 1
That Aquarium x 1 (latest)

Will the opening of new lfs bring about more good than bad?

On many of hobbyists' mind is probably
more lfs means more "lobangs" or good deals.

Lets explore

Consumers tend to benefit more due to stiffer competition among the lfs.
More reason to shop there as many prefer the ' 1 stop service ' under 1 roof like SimLimSquare concept. Hobbyists do not need to run whole SG.

Price wars among lfs occasionally.
Increase in rental costs?
More crowded in lfs;
 can go in, cannot come out
Any other unforseen situations.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cheng Shrimp Lin Talk on 13 Dec 2014 at Sun Pet 26 Seletar Farmway

Shrimpers ,

Pls take note below event .
Watsapp/sms ken at tel 9851 1121 to confirm yr attendance and book a seat

Details in poster attached.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Lowkeys Shrimp Workshop Nano Tank Setup by Japan Shrimp Expert Mr Kenji

The Shrimp Workshop at Shrimps Specialist Aquarist Chamber today 28 Sept was informative.
For those who have missed it, here's the summary:

Insights into some shrimps keeping by Japanese shrimp keepers, Mr Kenji on 28 Sept, Sunday
2pm, 7pm

Nano Tank Setup (30 litres)

Undergravel Filter Location
Japanese usually position them in Front or Middle of tank. Reason being as these areas are usually where food is thrown in and can clean up leftover food if there is any.

Pour in following items in sequence
1) Coarser soil
2) Speed Sand
3) Finer Soil

4) Fill up half tank/full tank with tap water.
Half level is recommended as it is faster to cycle.
5) Pour out all water on the next day.
6) Pour in conditioned water from well cycled aquarium tank.
7) Introduce cheaper/hardier shrimps like Yamato.
8) Feed a bit of food daily.

Test Water Parameters with paper strip.

Generally there are 3 types of H2O condition:
A) no reaction
B) reaction - high ammonia due to no filtration
C) no ammonia , no nitrites

Yamato shrimps will eat food initially, afterward will stop eating due to high ammonia and low oxygen level.

After 2 weeks with Yamato shrimps eating food, tank will be fully cycled.

When test parameters results showed high nitrite/ammonia level, jus take out the shrimps.

Do not do a water change (WC), its a big mistake made by many hobbyists. Have to restart cycling process if u do any WC.

Test results will change gradually from Red to Pink, then it will change to White.

Do not need to do WC ,if color change from Pink to Colourless /White.

How to set up a big tank for shrimps competition in Japan?

Put one pc of Lowkeys AquaTailors (slab) into every 30litre tank. Put two PCs if 60litres etc.

Aqua Tailors releases Oxygen bubbles and absor toxics in tank. Only effective for one month. Can continue using as a media after 1 mth as it won't release toxic.

Hardness level
GH : 5-10 in Japan

Amazonia Frogbits floating water plants can be used to absorb toxics. Will fill up surface of tank within one month. These frog bits are also used in Japan to test water. Telltale sign of frogbits not growing well is an indication of unsuitable water condition for shrimps.

Amino Asid Vaital solution can be used to increase pregnancy rates of shrimps. Only 50 bottles brought in.
Every 10liters of tank water ,pour in not more than 5ml of concentrated solution . Do not overdose.

Ways to increase Pregnancy
Buy more shrimps

Mr Kenji getting ready for audience to come at 2pm

Mr Kenji showing us the Japan under gravel filter

Do not remove the cover of the holes

Participants were asked to position undergravel filter 

Japanese way of placing undergravel filter
 is in the Middle or Front of tank.

Pour in coarser size soil first 
after positioning the undergravel filter

Add in Speed Sand

Next pour in finer size soil

These sequence will ensure that water flow in tank is smoother.

Fill water to half level or 3/4 of tank.
Half level is recommanded as it is faster to cycle.


Introduce the hardier shrimps like Yamato into tank.
Test the water parameters using test strips

Remeber to feed thr Yamato shrimps daily with some food.
They are there to aid in cycling of yr nano aquatium.

There are basically three types of water condition

A typical Shrimp Contest in JAPAN

How do Japan shrimp contest organiser set up tanks faster?
Popular now in Japan
 Lowkeys Aqua Tailors abt S$18/slab
Diffuses oxygen bubbles and absorb toxic.
Can last for one month and still continue to use

You can break the slab into half ( optional ).

Frogbits can be used to reduce nitrites/toxic in water.
also used to test yr water is it suitable for shrimps.

Shrimps Viagra
Way to increase pregnancy rate and sexual activity in Shrimps
Do not overdose as Amino asid Vaîtal solution is concentrated.
Used NOT more than 15ml per 10 litres of water.

lastly Mr Kenji wraps up
BUY More Shrimps to increase pregnancy rate.


Refreshment from Aquarist Chamber
Cream Puff 

See you next time catching shrimps here

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fish Tank found at Jurong East Blk 261

Jurong East St 24, Blk 261 

 Found on 28 Aug 2014, Thursday abt 10am

Fish Tank
Abt 3ft?
Bottom got hole for sump tank below?