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Monday, October 4, 2010

Seaview Aquarium 2 Seletar West Farmway 2

I saw and was attracted by 1 of an ad SeaView placed in Straits Times Classifieds.

Before making my way there, I rung up Seaview Aquarium and a sweet lady's voice greeted me who directed me to take a SBS Bus 86 opposite Yio Chu Kang Mrt huh, then u see the Sin Flora nursery and you walk about 5mins into our farm

To ensure we have seats on the bus, we took the bus 86 from Ang Mo Kio bus interchange instead. We alighted at the 17th stage Aft The Hiding Pl  (Sbs website stated journey is 6.1km from AMK Interchange) , the travelling time took us around 25 minutes. See pictures below

We toured around the farm for the 1st time and I  was personally impressed with the huge stocks of tropical fishes and shrimps at very afforable prices of around 60cents/pc. And its even much cheaper to purchase 100pcs at less than 40cents /pc, for example 100pcs Cardinal Tetras at S$35.

However the prices of goldfishes, fish food and equipments have to be improved as its a bit steep. We can get cheaper at a lfs elsewhere. For example, a small Ranchu at Seaview costs around S$5 where i can get one much handsome looking Ranchu at S$2 at C328 and TetraBits Complete fish food costs around $8 here when I can get it for S$6 in C328.

Before leaving and after excitetedly paying for my 50pcs of Malayan Shrimps, we went and checked out the prices of the 4ft custom-made fish tanks with the reception lady - i believe she is the one who gave me the bus directions.

Quite surprisingly, for us to make a 4ft tank, it only costs slightly less than S$350 and some more comes with wrought iron stand and includes S$50 transport. Best of it , it only takes 2 weeks to make one.

My retiree friend finally found a cheaper altenative to make a 4ft low fish tank there after getting Cpf money payout next mth.  We enquired at Qian Hu and they quoted us at least $1000 which we felt its slaughter n cut-throat price...  lol    ;-D.

But alas! We have to take a S$18 taxi at Yio Cho Kang Mrt back to Jurong due to a back pain past injury of his. The taxi journey was a happy smooth one as the cabby was chatting away about his family's trip to Universal Studio in Sentosa and his taxi business.

The cabby also briefed us on current taxi's peak hours charges: Mon to Fri: 7am-930am, Fri-Sat: 5pm to 8pm (no morning peak). For CBDs passengers, add S$3 to go in and F1 race add S$2, on-call add S$3.50. But he mentioned he won't drive in even pay him extra S$8 during F1 season, due to long waiting hrs and congestion around F1 places, he rather hang around in CBD area.

click on pictures below to enlarge
this is the ad that attracted me to make my way to Seaview, no regrets!

the bus stop outside Sin Flora, a nursery near Seaview Aquarium

before you see this nursery , press the bell to stop the bus

you can see this road sign after 1 min walk from the bus stop

a leisure 3 mins stroll into the farm,
do look out for cars dashing by you.

strolling in ... there's no pedestrain walkway, so look out for cars behind

this signal you to turn right after 4 mins walk

the gate of Seaview Aquarium greeting you

finally we reached!
a giant fish tank behind Seaview's reception

impressive community tank

what the fish is this? parrot without the red shirt...  :D

beginning of my journey in front, look further down for prices

the shrimps comes in packet of 50pcs and
for some shrimps ,only the worker can catch for you inside the farm
i bought 50 Malayan since the Yamato are not available at the pt of time

prices of various species for the workers and customers insde the 2nd room