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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Discus Club 12th National Discus Competition with 3rd Fish-Hub Flowerhorn Competition

I was there at the below event and saw some of the most creative / beautiful fishes bred here in Singapore.

DISCUS CLUB 12th National Discus Competition
in conjuction with 3rd Fish-Hub Flowerhorn Competition

Pls call Kelvin Chiang 8374 1666
Show Date: 01 to 04  Dec 2011 
Venue: EastPoint Mall No.3 , Simei St 6  - in front of EW 3 Simei MRT
see  Map link
Admission is Free . 
All Are Welcome.

Discus pics in my Facebook album click-> HERE

Some of my snapshots

Grand Champion 2011  Discus Fish  (tank 24)

Grand Champion 2011  Flower Horn Fish  (tank 32)

Video of Best Hump Flowerhorn (tank 12)  & Grand Champion (tank 32)

Discus pics in my Facebook album click-> HERE

Sunday, July 10, 2011

C328 LFS Clementi Florist & Aquarium 金文泰生花水族馆

Blk 328, Clementi Ave 2 , #01-210 
Clementi Florist And Aquarium 金文泰水族馆

A very popular local fish shop (LFS) among fish hobbyists in Singapore,Clementi Florist and Aquarium or what it is known today to many as C328, started up their humble business in 1984 retailing in just flowers, bird cages and tropical fishes of all sorts. The shop which is a family run business was managed and anchored by both Mr Toh and his brother.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Natural Fish Tank

Its not difficult to maintain this type of  "natural aquarium".
This fish tank is environmentally friendly and can 'self-sustain' by itself.

The oxygen in the air is provided by the water plants nourished
with abundant sun light in the background !

The only problem is too much green water in the fish tank
due to  sun light.

Otherwise, this type of arrangement demands little maintenance. 

Video of my natural fish tank