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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Clementi LFS in 2019

Most of u hv probably heard of Clementi Florist and Aquarium (aka C328 ), a very popular local fish shop (lfs) in Singapore due to her wide variety of livestocks, accessories and good pricing.

Aftr C328's establishment for more than two decades , many other lfs started to sprout near her gradually. 1 reason could be due to the 'crowd effect' C328 has created over the last 20 over years.

With the new lfs set up 2 days ago on 11 Jan 2019 Fri,  the whole street of Clementi blk 328 has a total of 6 lfs now.
Polyart x 1
Aro Avenue x 2
LFS Aquarium x 1
Aunty shop x 1
That Aquarium x 1 (latest)

Will the opening of new lfs bring about more good than bad?

On many of hobbyists' mind is probably
more lfs means more "lobangs" or good deals.

Lets explore

Consumers tend to benefit more due to stiffer competition among the lfs.
More reason to shop there as many prefer the ' 1 stop service ' under 1 roof like SimLimSquare concept. Hobbyists do not need to run whole SG.

Price wars among lfs occasionally.
Increase in rental costs?
More crowded in lfs;
 can go in, cannot come out
Any other unforseen situations.