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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Female Mosaic Guppy Fell Sick After Gave Birth

After posting on the guppy fries, the female mosaic adult guppy fell sick!

Listless, heavy breathing in gills, always lying low on bed of fish tank.
pics as below.

The parameters are as such:

  1. GH General Hardness = 30 ppm, mg/L
  2. KH Carbonate Hardness = between 0 to 40 ppm, mg/L
  3. pH = 6.5
  4. NO2 Nitrite = 0.5 ppm, mg/L
  5. NO3 Nitrate = 40 ppm, mg/L
Results based on API 5 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mini Lobsters Fight in Aquarium

This pair of mini lobsters was given by 1 of my friend Jeremy in Kranji. They were the only 2 sole survivors lobsters given birth by 1of the many big lobsters in the 5feet aquarium.

Took the 2 lobsters out in a plastic bottle and survived the whole 3hrs journey from Kranji to Yishun, Woodlands then back to Jurong.

They dun seem to bother other fishes in the fish tank.However both of these lobsters fought and created some mess in my aquarium. 

Video of lobsters fighting

Female Guppy Gave Birth to Fries

As posted in my blog previously, bought a pair of Thailand mosaic* guppies at S$3 each.
*The name was from some of the Arofanatics Forum guppy experts.

Shortly the male mosaic guppy passed away for an unknown reason.
Fortunately the mosaic female  guppy is
still around. I thus put in 1 red male and a blue female guppy to accompany her.

I notice there are some guppy fries recently at least 8 spotted,
but I only managed to take a few shots below.

Not sure if the fries turn out to be mosaic or from the blue female guppy.

1 Guppy Fry on top right

Guppy fry magnified

Mosaic female with 1 red male and blue female guppies

Mosaic female with 1 red male and blue female guppies

Mosaic female with 1 red male and blue female guppies
a pair of fries behind the adult guppies

a Guppy fry at background

Monday, February 6, 2012

Guppies from Thailand

These guppies are bought at Jurong West
but sold out within a week or so!

The shop owner told me the tail is especially broad
but dun know the name of breed.

Bought a pair (male + female) in a 2 ft tank but
seem very quiet and dun really interact with each other.

These pics was taken from the LFS local fish shop at Jur West

These pics was taken from the LFS local fish shop at Jur West


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dragon Fish Arowana Swim with Tetra Fish at Tiong Bahru Wu Hu

Recently I was at Tiong Bahru Market to buy some good quality and cheap guppies. 

While cycling past the market, saw this giant arowana swimming gracefully with all his tiny neigbours fishes at Wu Hu Aquarium. 

I thgt it was amazing as none of his tiny 'friends' end up in tis aro stomach!

How nice it'll be to have a community fish tank like this.

The Wu Hu Aquarium shop is situated next to Tiong
Bahru market , across a small street, at a row of 
shophouse along Seng Poh Road.

Swimming with the dragon is a dangerous affair

Shark Tale - big fish leave those small fries alone

a bystander taking a pic of this great dragon fish

watch your back !

Arowana Video

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cats on Top of a Oscar Fish Tank in Sembawang

This is an unrelated post.
Saw this amusing when I was doing my work at Sembawang area.
a pair of cats sitting on top of a 5 feet fish tank. 

When I try to take a pic of them, the cats start to jump off the fish tank.
The oscar inside dun seem to be bother by all the commotions, he more interested in when is his lunch ready?