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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

24hrs Se7even Star Aquarium at Jurong East Blk 217

Wow!!! Another 24hrs local fish shop for your non-stop shopping at Jurong East St 21, Blk 217A in Singapore. This LFS is located near a Hindu Temple and directly opposite ShuQun Secondary School.
(See ->  Map Link)

Formerly known as "Eight Star Aquarium", now the shop's name has changed to Se7en Star Aquarium which operates 24 hours.  They have expanded to include more shelves and fish tanks outside the shop.
If you were to do a rough estimate, can find easily about 80 tanks of fishes and plants for your selection.

The live stocks they carry are quite a handful and their prices are slightly a bit higher than Clementi328.
Overall, this LFS have more livestocks than accessories.

The prices and names of fishes are clearly labelled on the fish tanks and the shop layout is very well-lit, proper ventilation and good organisation to easily find your products.

There is also a clear instruction on not opening up the packages of accessories, otherwise once opened -> considered sold.

Sometimes you can find the floor wet and if you are not careful might slip if you are wearing worn-out slippers. I almost slip even though wearing hard sandals, do look out. The friendly shop assistants are quite new on the job, hence do give them more time to touch up the place a bit.

One more thing, do look out for the 2 guard doggies. 1 free roaming inside the LFS and the other doggy chained outside under the shelter. Better dun step on their tails, they dun look glommy to me  lol , :D.

See below pictures

~ to be continued ... ~